September 14th, 2014


Heads Up Houghton

Twenty-five years ago I received the first Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Michigan Tech -- previous doctorates were in Metallurgy (Physics of Solids option). Ravi Pandey was in the late A. Barry Kunz's computational physics research group at the time -- he's now chair of the Physics Department. So I have been invited to give a colloquium talk, and I will hopefully also be able to demonstrate using Skype to give remote lectures. I'll be giving a version of a talk I've presented to Physics conferences and the 2012 World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago.

Thursday 18 September 2014
4:00pm, Room 139 Fisher Hall

Scale and Space: Seeing Neil Armstrong's Footprints

Abstract: What can we see from space? Popular TV shows suggest we can infinitely enlarge any image without any loss, but the real world is both much more complicated and much more interesting. We know Neil Armstrong's footprints are still on the Moon - but can we see them? And from how far away? And what else can we see? The Internet is full of fascinating images.


If you happen to be north of the Lower 47½, stop by. It'll be fun.

We haven't been to U.P. in a long time. The last time we roasted the engine in the 1989 S-10 Blazer and crossed Lake Michigan at midnight on the SS Badger in a huge storm with twenty-five foot seas. The forecast this week looks much more mild. (grin)

Dr. Phil