September 27th, 2014


Mornings Will Never Be The Same

Funny how some things never change for years and years. David Moore has given the local news, weather and traffic on our local NPR station, WGVU out of Grand Valley State University, the entire time we've been down here in West Michigan. A good radio voice, he often injected little comments and quips -- I mean when there are cows on the road on the US-131 freeway near 100th Street south of Grand Rapids, how can you not comment? Some mornings on the road, like last Friday in Hancock, Mrs. Dr. Phil found it easier to get WGVU and David Moore on the Kindle than find the local NPR station. (grin)

Friday at 8am, David announced his retirement on the air.
David Moore, producer and announcer for WGVU Public Media, signed off the air Sept. 26 after 27 years of service.

Moore was the host of WGVU’s Morning Edition and also covered a wide range of news stories in addition to anchoring newscasts for Mid-Day West Michigan.

“I have had the honor and pleasure of waking up West Michigan,” said Moore. “You and I have laughed together, cried together, celebrated the good news and fretted over the bad. I’ve helped you plan your day, given you traffic and weather, and even kept you entertained with my sometimes corny one-liners. But, after 27 years behind this microphone, it’s time to step aside. It’s been a great run. Ending my time here at WGVU is a bitter sweet experience if ever there was one. Thank you for listening and God bless.”
We knew this was coming. And the man certainly is entitled to his retirement, but it still catches you by surprise. Of course his voice will linger on for some time. Today they played one of his bumpers between Weekend Edition and Car Talk.

Thank you, David. Our mornings are ruined now, never to be the same...

Dr. Phil