October 2nd, 2014


Foreign Objects / Aliens / What The Hell...? II

Huh. It happened again.

While up at Michigan Tech, there was a new bruise, area of bleeding, but on the back and side of the heel, not the bottom. Mrs. Dr. Phil had joked that maybe it was that other missing piece of hydraferra blue that went missing trying to get out. But really, we thought it was irritation of resting on the back of the heel in the AFO orthotic during twelve hours of driving.

Since we got back, it's been seeping, but not overtly bleeding a lot. Yesterday I saw the foot surgeon -- she thought it looked irritated from the AFO. She trimmed back some the skin on the bottom of the heel, so we had extra bleeding last night. Mrs. Dr. Phil took this as an opportunity to replace the adhesive foam offloading pieces to protect the original wound area.

Tonight, she was cleaning the foot when out on the new bruise area there was something poking out that wasn't skin.

It was that first round piece of hydraferra blue that we thought we'd lost months ago -- June or July. We were not crazy.

Missing pieces of hydraferra blue reported --- 2
Missing pieces of hydraferra blue recovered -- 2
Missing pieces looked for and found by doctor -- 0

We win.

Deja Vu All Over Again
10 August 2014

Counting Sponges

Twice we've not found the hydraferra blue upon opening up the bandaging. Both times we were concerned that since it gets slimy and can slide around, maybe it slid into one of the undercut regions. Both times the Wound Clinic people probed around and found nothing. The first time, we found a fairly clean piece of the dressing in the garbage and speculated that it had simply fallen out while Mrs. Dr. Phil wrestled with the tape sticking to the gloves, and never been in there. The second time the visiting nurse was unwrapping the wound and we just couldn't find it. And, as you do, we wondered whether in all the steps and cleaning it just hadn't gotten in there.

But now, of course, we're certain this got stuck somewhere in a cavity under the skin for some two weeks. Maybe even packed in tighter by the probing -- it's foam based and designed to be packed into small places. The piece is rectangular, maybe 3.5cm x 1.0cm x 1.5mm thick. The foam material is sturdy. Starts out dark blue-purple and fades with use. This piece is devoid of color, more whitish on the outside that would have been against the bandage, tinged darker from blood on the other. We saved it, of course, wrapped into one of the packaging bits that has a clear panel.
This time it emerged almost four inches from where it would have slipped under the skin. Some three months ago.

As before, it may be totally in my head given the limited feeling I have, but my foot feels "better".

Good news -- I have an appointment with the Wound Clinic tomorrow morning. Perfect timing, once again.

Still don't know what will happen to the foot, but we're getting years of entertainment value out of it.

Dr. Phil