October 12th, 2014


Firefox -- You're On Notice, Too

Ten frustrating minutes.

Five minutes trying to close a tab. Three minutes trying to select a file for an attachment. Two more minutes waiting to retry it when it failed.

All because Firefox was... busy. No doubt updating itself. No doubt because the last time I updated it, it decided to turn automatic updates back on.

Because these bastard fucking programmers think like that and don't give a flying fuck for the users.

Why, oh why do I have to keep explaining this to all the pea brain companies? This is MY computer. I use it to do MY work.

I did not buy a computer to be left sitting twiddling my fingers -- or more precisely screaming at the screen -- why you do things on YOUR schedule.

Yes, I know all too well there are rabid, stupid, evil people in the world. But the computer was not bought just to update Windows, run NAV LiveUpdate, have Firefox AND Chrome fight each for updating resources.

And Adobe... why is it you're so bad at programming that Flash has to update every week? And why do you insist you're the only program in the world so that you have to, (a) update first, (b) when everybody else thinks they want to update and (c) have a window that insists on being on top and can't be minimized -- even covering over important notifications?

And then after Flash is updated the Finish window defaults to I Want Adobe Flash To Be Even Ruder And Update Automatically Without Asking -- and I have to check the Request Update radio button. Because, you know, there are days when I boot and have really important work to do Right Now.

Because, you know, I have a computer to do work.


Oh yeah, I'll have to boot another computer and try to do my attachment email there, because I shut down SUMMER to stop its pissy Firefox behavior.


Dr. Phil