October 26th, 2014


The World Serious

Someone mentioned that Kansas City has been suffering for a long time, that it'd been like twenty-five years since the Royals had made it to a World Series. As a Cubs fan, all I can do is pat them on the top of the head and say, Isn't that cute?

The fourth game just ended in San Francisco. When we came back to network TV after our Neflix movie, the score was 4-4 in like the bottom of the 6th. The game ended in a rout, 11-4. Exactly four hours. More importantly, for my money, is the Series is evened up. Two games in Kansas City, split. Two games in Sam Frank's Disco, split. Given the 2-3-2 seven-game format, no matter what happens tomorrow, the Series will have to go back to Kansas City.

I don't want home team always wins. I don't want four-and-out Series.

I want a World Series that goes late into extra innings in the seventh game. I want 22 innings, 1-0 or 25-3 in 22 innings, doesn't matter. I want them out of hot dogs. I want the crowd to thin by a few thousand, but the rest are still on the edge of their seats in the wee hours of the morning on a school night. I want a war, a resolution. I want a manager reduced to thinking about putting a third baseman in the mound. I want them to play ball. I want the jump to make the right call in the fifteenth that forced the game to go on seven more innings.

Okay, I want the triple-damned DH rule to be dumped, but I can't have everything.

But I can have baseball.

And no clock.

FOX led off with that quintessential of baseball traits -- the weird stat or fact that somebody in the number crazed world of baseball stats and facts actually looked up. This is the first World Series game to feature both starting pitchers whose last names begin with V.


You can lookitup.


Dr. Phil