October 28th, 2014


Two Bucks

Gas keeps on dropping, then spiking, then resuming its freefall. Gas was down to $3.01.9/gallon, then $2.96.9/gal, I think. Why did I not know? Because Saturday we ended up not with the usual 5-10¢/gal discount coupon from groceries at Family Failure, or the special 50¢/gal coupons, but an ultra-special regular for $1.99.9/gal -- or midgrade for $2.14.9/gal. Huh.

Funny how we hope that gas drops for the regular coupons to maximize the discount, but wish it were high for this ultra-special deal so we can feel better about it. Instead of just shouting I GOT TWO BUCK GAS IN A THREE BUCK GAS WORLD.

Heavy rain on the drive in today. Gusty crosswinds. Went into 4WD twice to keep the tracking straight. One gust pushed me past the yellow line on the hill up towards Kalamazoo, where an orange barrel was sitting over the line -- I clipped it at speed, but couldn't see a mark on the front bumper and left front headlight and turn signal seem to work fine.

My father always said during construction season that he wished he had the concession for those plastic orange barrels. Better than the metal drums or the crosshorses.

Dr. Phil

Good Show -- 3-3

Turned on FOX after the weather on CBS to see the top of the ninth inning -- a sea of blue fans in Kansas City watching KC up 10-0 over SF. Three strikeouts -- or at least three outs, I was busy printing quizzes -- and so the World Series is tied 3-3.

Achievement unlocked -- Game 7 tomorrow night.

Of course the FOX announcers were going on as to whether the Kansas City Royals can get their first World Series since 1985. Huh. Not since 1985. Let's see, do the math. 2014 - 1985 = ... Ah, yes. 29. Twenty-nine years since their last World Series pennant.

Twenty-nine years. That less than a century, isn't it? Yeah, this Cubs fan is really feeling the pain of no pennant in twenty-nine years.

Seriously, I can't lose here. I like the Royals. I like the National League.

So I'm rooting for the umpires. Let's have a good, honest clean game.

Go baseball!

Dr. Phil