November 4th, 2014


4 noVOTEmber 2014

Remember, Remember,
The fourth of November...

It's the midterm 2014 elections in the United States. If you are eligible, please vote. For whomever you like. Hopefully you'll like the government you get, else you may find yourself with the government you deserve. (grin)

Left house: 0727 EST
Left polls: 0752 EST
Printed ballot number: 205
Precinct 3 machine count: 37

Including getting the walker in and out of the Blazer in the drizzle and messing with doors with no handicapped motor, it was only five minutes more than a gas day to hit the road. Glad I had the walker. The "booths" are these lightweight 4-sided portable kiosks and neither strong enough to lean on or have a decent place to hook a cane. Me? I was able to sit on my walker and mark up my ballot.

When I got to the Precinct 3 registration table, a third guy was sitting behind the two ladies running the desk. His neck badge said he was a registered poll challenger. He was there observing, because the woman in front of me wasn't on the rolls. This is a small town, the ladies knew who she was and that she'd voted before, but well, stuff happens.

Anyway, a dreary day for an election. Everyone there was in good spirits.

I voted.

Dr. Phil

More Fun

Recent research topics on the super secret YA novel Not A NANOWRIMO project:

2011 GMC Suburban or Yukon XL. Gallons in the fuel tank. Floor plans for a 31W Airstream trailer. Choosing an arm or a leg. The Scandinavian Cross. Copenhagen Central Station. $20 worth of junk food. Flasks of Courvosier VS. Bottles of Grolsch beer with that flip over cap. Fake drivers licenses. State of Maine liquor laws.

We've passed the 60,000 word marker. Also have a few thousand words in the fourth novel written, mostly so I won't forget, not included here...

The Lost Kingdom Project YA Trilogy Version 1.03

Dr. Phil