November 9th, 2014


One Anime Ends, Another Begins

Last Saturday Bleach actually ended its 366 episode run on Cartoon Network's Toonami. This Saturday, the midnight-12:30am slot was filled with the first episode of DBZ Kai.

It's apparently the 20th anniversary of Dragonball Z. I was amused by DBZ and watched most of the episodes on Toonami when they aired on American cable. Then they ran the original Dragonball, which had even cruder animation and featured sort of a Tiny Toons version of DBZ. I watched a lot of it mainly to see where DBZ came from -- and frankly to find out what the hell dragonballs were, since they hardly showed up anywhere in DBZ. (grin)

Well, they've taken the five seasons of DBZ, stripping out some of the substories that weren't in the manga, according to the Wikipedia article, and they reprocessed the animation to bring it up to digital television standards, with less hard colors and re-recorded the sound, both in Japan and in America. The result is DBZ Kai. Not a new series, but it looks fantastic.

I'll probably stick with this for a while, because I liked it enough the first time and I want to see how it plays out again. I particularly like the Android/Cell story line. And having caught it from Episode 1, it should be coherent if I stay with it.

Even if DBZ is kindof silly and lightweight. (grin)

Dr. Phil