November 13th, 2014


That's One...

7:19am -- Traffic reports that US-131 south is closed at Dorr (Exit 68), due to accidents from black ice in the usual Allegan County skating rink. The phrase they kept repeating was that it was worse than it looked. Swell. (grin)

7:25am -- leave house -- whole trip in 4WD, mostly geared down from 4th to 3rd or 2nd. New tires are great.

8:28am -- reach 100th Street on US-131 (Exit 72), traffic grinds to halt. They were detouring people at 142nd Avenue at Exit 68, so I could have diverted to Kalamazoo Avenue from 100th Street, but those back roads are not good. Rather stay on the highway.

9:15am -- road reopens, after I've driven a little over a mile in 45 minutes.
Call ahead to Physics Dept. and explain that the road is open, that I will be there, that since it's Thursday, I expect 1104 Rood to be locked -- could it be opened and the students told I will be there?

10:00am -- arrive in Lot 61 after a bit over 2½ hours on the road.

10:09am -- arrive at 1104, intending to launch into class... except doors are locked and students waiting outside.

Not sure what the drive back will be like. At 1pm, coming back from the Help Room, the view from the enclosed walkway between Rood and Everett showed all the sidewalks clear, but damp. At 2pm, heading to class, they were snowy, very icy and slippery. At 3pm, walking back the breeze caused the walker to slide sideways at one point. Hang on!

Dr. Phil


There are some worrisome chapters that have only titles -- oh, yes, we all have those -- plus still mining the A, B and C novels for this Novel D. (grin) This is really getting somewhere. I just have to make sure that the story is coherent and that the characters are complex, yet compelling.

Research topics include activation time for flu vaccines, longevity of a pneumonia vaccination, lightweight plastic bodied variants of the Russian AKM-74 rifle, the Canon EOS 1D X professional DSLR and the 50mm f2.5 Macro -- after all, I know Nikons, not Canons -- transgender people, necklace length (in inches), as in how do lengths from 16" to 60" drape. (Imagine a set of nested diamond necklaces kind of 1920s flapper style...)

Ooh, the shiny counter today almost represents a palindromic word count!

The Lost Kingdom Project YA Trilogy Version 1.04

Dr. Phil