November 19th, 2014



Yesterday, since both our institutions issued snow days, we tried an experiment. Mrs. Dr. Phil has a very nice recipe for pulled pork barbecue in the crock pot. Cooked for hours and hours and hours, it is deliciously tendered and infused with flavor -- not like just sopping it up with K.C. Masterpiece. Makes tons, so we made sandwiches, instead of eating it as a dinner with cabbage.

That was the first test for today's field trials -- pulled pork sandwich for lunch in the office. Used the thin bread rounds instead of bread, a slice of Velveeta cheese (hey, I like it), a nice amount of pulled pork, some Kraft horseradish sauce and a spot of ketchup (hey, I like it).

Oh... lovely. Wonderful.

This is all right.

Best news? We have a lot of pulled pork. Will probably have to endure this for lunch ALL THE DAMNED WEEK.

Pity me.



Dr. Phil