November 23rd, 2014


And Like That, Poof, He's Gone...

Yesterday was warmer, drizzle and fog. Today the rains came. By the time Mrs. Dr. Phil headed down the driveway for the Sunday paper, the gravel was mostly clear. The pine trees had been holding up great gobs of snow in their branches, now gone. The sidewalk, the cap on the heat pump, clear. Indeed, most of the snow I can see is some of the little piles from where the turnaround was clear.

Buffalo's 71" in some places will also be beaten down by rains and above freezing temps. By Thanksgiving the Big November storm will mainly be memories.

The Buffalo Bills home NFL game will be played in Detroit at Ford Field on Monday. The tickets are free. I wondered about that. Always tough to have a home game in another city and have no fans...

Dr. Phil