November 30th, 2014


Thanks Saturday

Some people hate leftovers. We tend to plan our week around them, letting the flavors meld and deepen. So, no surprise that Saturday's dinner was pretty much a repeat of our fabulous Friday feast, except we had turkey wings instead of thighs and whipped cream on the pecan pie instead of vanilla ice cream.

Spent much of the day grading the Topic 1 science literacy book reports. Two classes, maybe 155 papers? Prints out as five grading worksheets and I completed one today.

A scurry of Big Ten football matchups. Michigan at Ohio State. They were trading touchdowns until Ohio State went on a tear. Michigan State, on the other hand, was beating Penn State. MSU used to be the only land grant university in the Big 10, but with PSU, now they have a Land Grant Trophy' rivalry going on.

Around 8pm in the evening, it looked dark outside. That's not as dumb a sounding statement as it seems. The night before the carriage by the garage lit up the snow across the front yard. This evening? A lot of the snow was gone. Hence dark. Mrs. Dr. Phil reported it was 45°F and the stiff wind was drying off the yard. At 1:36am, it was now 51°F and even more melting in more wind. Go figure.

Dr. Phil