December 7th, 2014



This is too good to pass up.

Y'all know where I stand on the UofM / MSU divide. And how that gets set aside for Big Ten support at tournament times. But let's just consider the vaunted University of Michigan's early basketball game on Saturday, shall we?

-- Home game at Crisler Arena in Ann Arbor.

-- Wolverines ranked #17.

-- Playing the New Jersey Institute of Technology.
---- The only Division I basketball team without a conference.
---- Only been in Division I since 2006.
---- Not so long ago had a 50-odd game losing street.
---- Never played a Top 25 opponent before.
---- Never played a post-season tournament.

-- Michigan favored by 20½ points.

-- This snoozefest wasn't sold out. The paper described the arena as half-full.

-- NJIT coach had already penciled this in for a loss.

Yeah, you can see this coming.

NJIT-72 #17 Michigan-70

Oh how delicious. I laughed.

See, I love underdogs. Comes from my having a long list of schools which were not champions when I was there. Plus I hate smug overconfidence.

At some point you have to play the game.

I'll be curious to see if New Jersey can keep this up. I'd love to see NJIT in the NCAA tournament com March. And playing Michigan in the real second round...

Gotta love it.

Dr. Phil