December 11th, 2014


Hey There Laker

Mrs. Dr. Phil sent this to me the other day, and while eating lunch, I finally got around to watching it. It's cute. Apparently there are a bunch of these short, instructional videos from the Promotions Office Video Team -- this one is about taking care of the new library that opened on the Allendale campus last summer and where Mrs. Dr. Phil labors. I think they had a good time set dressing some of these bits. (grin)

At the end, YouTube does its usual tiling of other videos, which also come from the same team.

This one was a riff on Seinfeld to promote five different campus activities. It's cute, too. And this one takes a turn as .007, which looks like it might be a recurring theme, also to promote five different campus activities. Hey, these are pretty well produced.

Man, we didn't have stuff like this when I was in college... In the dark ages... With stone knives and bearskins... And chiseling notes on the black boards made of stone... And solid abacuses with no moving parts (having not invented numbers yet)... Yeah, we had it rough.

Dr. Phil