December 18th, 2014


Well That Explains Some Things

So I am in the middle of a wild ride of doctor's appointments. And I had an appointment with my GP in amongst all the others. Or at least I thought I did.

I got there to check in for my 1 o'clock -- and they were very sorry, but I was scheduled for 11:30 and had been logged a dreaded No Show. Huh.

Now I don't know exactly what happened. As I recall, when I made the appointment I was offered before and after lunch -- and I took after. But I also made this appointment when I made yesterday's eye doctor appointment, and I had 11:30 for that. But I had to cancel the eye doctor, so we'll never quite know if I inverted the times or what. Because I'm sure one was at 11:30 and one was at 1.

Naturally, these were the only two appointments in this trough of appointments for which I didn't have printouts. Usually, they call a day or two to confirm. And maybe they tried. But I kept having troubles with sometimes getting messages here at home, and messages left at work when I'm not there. I told them several times, "Leave the message at home, not work."

Except they had the area code 269 WMU Kalamazoo office number under (Home) and the Allendale number under (Bus.)

I suppose I need to call my Western voicemail anyway...

But before I left, I remembered that one of the reasons for going to the GP when I am seeing all these specialists is that I've got seven prescriptions to renew -- and last month they only would renew for a month without a checkup. I could do that and get the appointment when I was done grading, because it was already a zoo scheduling around my 10am and 2pm classes in Kalamazoo.

Yeah, but the first of the pills run out after tomorrow morning...

Anyway, we wash, rinse and repeat today's appointment on Monday.

At 1pm.

Dr. Phil