March 16th, 2015


Northwestern Storms Into The NCAA March Madness!

It's not often that I get to crow about the Northwestern Wildcats going into anything as big as the annual NCAA Division I March Madness basketball spree. But the #22 Wildcats (23-8) are a #7 seed and playing in a First Round game on Friday 20 March 2015 at the Ferrell Center in Waco, Texas and...

Oh. You're confused? Not going along with how you remember your brackets from Sunday night? Well, this is Monday's brackets and we're talking about the Women's NCAA Division I March Madness basketball championship.

Graphic from the e-mail I got as a alum:

I end up having to say this every year, but while millions of Americans go gaga over the Men's tourney, covered across CBS, TBS, TNT and TruTV these days, there's also ESPN's heroic coverage of the Women's tournament. I have seem some remarkable games in the last several years, ones which most of you miss.

There is one particularly amusing footnote to the bracketology. The whole point of seeding is that smaller numbers are supposed to beat higher numbers. So #7 Northwestern "should" beat #10 Arkansas in the Noon game. But the joy of the NCAAs is the upsets and the Cinderella stories -- which technically should be more possible in the Women's side, just saying. But the 2:30 game which also feeds into the same Second Round game features #2 Baylor (30-3) and #15 Northwestern State (19-14) from Louisiana. That Second Round game on Sunday 22 March "should" be #7 NU and #2 Baylor. However, if there is an upset Friday afternoon, we could have #7 Northwestern versus #15 Northwestern State. This could be a really amusing game to call. About as much fun as listening to the play-by-play on the radio between North Carolina and South Carolina. "Carolina has the ball and runs up the side, but Carolina intercepts the pass and it's going the other way, Carolina sets the defense, the Carolina player shoots and... foul on Carolina." (sn*cker)

Even better:

Northwestern University (Div I)
CONF: Big Ten Conference
NICKNAME: Wildcats
COLORS: Purple & White

Northwestern State University (Div I)
CONF: Southland Conference
LOCATION: Natchitoches LA
COLORS: Purple & White with...

I want that Second Round #7 Northwestern versus #15 Northwestern State game on Sunday SO BAD! (hee-hee)

You cannot make this stuff up, folks. You just really can't.

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