April 11th, 2015


Advanced Studies In Kluge

Saturday, and I'm at MSU in East Lansing for the Spring Meeting of the Michigan Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers. Just gave my talk "The Speed of Students" at 10am.

I've been giving presentations for thirty years. Overhead projectors -- hand drawn with colored markers, then printed on LaserJets. Video displays sitting on an overhead projector, displaying DOS pages and screens from Windows 2.03 Paint. Now it's PowerPoint on Macs and PCs. Except today.

KATNISS, my conference Windows 7 Basic Asus netbook, I haven't used in a while. And when I went to update it and test it Thursday, it was having trouble conflicting with the Amazon Echo over an IP address and I didn't have time to troubleshoot. So I left it at home and had my talk on a Swiss Army Memory USB drive.

But I actually just gave the talk on my Kindle Fire HD.

Last night I emailed my PowerPoint from ZEPELLIN to Gmail to my WMU email, which then downloaded cleanly to the Kindle. From the email app, I could call up the PowerPoint application in OfficeSuite 7 Pro.

If I had to, I could use a document scanner to see the screen on the Kindle -- I've done this. But I also have a ten foot HDMI cable for the Kindle.

Turns out the room we're in doesn't have a document projector, but they did have an HDMI input. So, Kindle Fire HD to HDMI to projector. Yup, sound and video work. More importantly, the MSU Guest internet connection logged in perfectly the first time.

PowerPoint with URL links, which opened a new tab in the Silk browser, and call up the two YouTube videos, one at a time of course, swift the YouTube box to full screen. Watch movie trailers. Back arrow to browser. Back arrow back to PowerPoint presentation, already in progress.

Did this whole thing twice. And the Click reveal animation worked fine on all the bullet points.

The point is... this whole malarkey worked beautifully.

But given the steps involved, it's hard to tell if this is progress, living in the future -- or just pigheaded determination to kludge together a talk using a vast array of hardware and software steps, flying in borderline formation. (grin)

The talk, by the way, was inspired by the 2001: A Space Odyssey trailer and a 2012 film student's reimagination of 2001 as an action film. I talked about that here (DW) (LJ).


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