October 13th, 2015


Our DSL Was Sick Last Night

The Allendale Telephone Company -- renamed several times due to mergers -- sounds like a podunk, small time operation. But it isn't. Because of GVSU in Allendale, there's always been money to keep the system high tech with excellent uptime. When DSL became available out where we were, we joined up. Kept it at the lowest guaranteed rate, but most days we get excellent throughput. Good enough to download 200MB printer drivers and do Netflix streaming, and play music and podcasts online. Oh sure, some Friday nights we can't watch a movie due to what we figure is all the kids on our subnet playing some massive online game plus a movie. (grin) But considering the quality (snort) and lack of concern about security, there is no way I'd ever hook up to a cable modem around here.

Next year we are supposed to be upgraded to fiber optics cable and we'll upgrade the phone, Internet and quite possible tell the cable TV company to take a hike.

Last night we had no DSL. We flipped off the powerstrip that has the DSL modem and the WiFi boxes a couple of times. WiFi came up. DSL modem came up and with the appropriate number of steady and blinking lights. Just no DSL Internet access.

We could've called Aventec -- the current company name -- but of course the system has been reliable so I'd have to look it up on the webpage. Oh, darn. Fortunately Mrs. Dr. Phil had the latest bill and we still get an Allendale phonebook from Aventec, so we did in fact have the numbers.

But last night we really didn't have a pressing need. We read books. Watched the Cubs beat up on the Cardinals in Game 3 of the NLDS. Had some Food Network.

In the morning, still no go. So Mrs. Dr. Phil called the local office when they opened at 8 and they reset the DSL. Everything is fine.

This is the second time in the years we've had DSL that they office had to reset the connection. Other minor DSL outages resolve themselves in a few hours. And, we could've called the service numbers last night if we'd wanted to. Basically, we've been pretty pleased with our DSL service.

Before we had the DSL, we used a jack splitter and ran a 25-foot RJ-11 phone line around the corner and across the living room to either our laptops or the Micron mid-tower PC at the desk. 28.8K modem from 1996 to when we got DSL/WiFi...

Dr. Phil
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