January 4th, 2016



A breath of winter here in West Michigan.

The lake effect snow forecast for Monday morning -- Allendale was in the 2-4" range -- was ameliorated by the winds coming out of the north along the lake. I saw some snow out the window early, but Mrs. Dr. Phil said that she saw about three flakes in Allendale.

At the 5:30pm news, the wind chill was 10°F, at 11:15 the temps were down to 12°F and clear. The forecast was for the overnight to be "uber cold" around 8°F, with the dewpoint around 6°F.



First temps this low since mid-March 2015. But it won't last. The high for Tuesday is scheduled to be 28°F, and it'll be above freezing and rain by the end of the week.


In OT today I stood with the walker and returned a big soft rubber ball tossed at me. In PT I hopped forward five feet, and hopped backwards for the first time, both in the parallel bars.


Dr. Phil

*** Yes. This means cold. But 8°F isn't that different from 12°F. It is an accident of an artificially designed Fahrenheit temperature scale. But weather people get hysterical about near freezing, below freezing, teens, single digits, BELOW ZERO and OH MY GOD WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE WAY BELOW ZERO! Hey, in Celsius, all temps below freezing are below zero. On the other hand, 0°F is about 253 Kelvins, so go figure.