January 7th, 2016


Four Plus Teen Plus Foot Times One

Ooh, more progress. Previous hops from the walker have been these Little things. Nothing like the ones in the parallel bars. Not today. Went 14 feet total. Made over two feet per sit to stand from the wheelchair to the walker. Nearly all the sit to stands were what I call direct stands -- without any warm-up and 1-2-3...

In OT I pushed the wheelchair all the way from the gym to the front door, spent a few minutes with the therapist outside in the sunshine and temps in the 20s, then wheeled my way back. No question I am stronger than I was.

Another day of staying up in the chair, reading and lunch, for a couple hours after therapy. I've needed "min assist" usually to get out of the wheelchair for the stand and pivot to bed. PT figured it was a combination of having just eaten a meal and the couple of hours in the chair. Today, though, I managed to gut out a stand on my own. May not have been pretty, but then I was going back to bed.

Might've tried to get up for dinner, but... it's Wednesday. Wound Team came by around 3, wanted to look at stump. Unwrapped it. Didn't want to wash it, since the nurse would do that. Supposed to air dry for about two hours before bandage. Nurse rinsed it around 5. Finally came and dressed it around 8:30. Wouldn't mind, except I really wanted to boost myself up in bed. I can do that by myself these days, but it's a series of hard pulls using the trapeze over my bed -- and frankly, since it's still healing, I didn't want to do that before it got wrapped up.

Huh. Chronicles of Shanara first two hours on MTV of all places. Regular airings of the other episodes will be Tuesdays at 9. Never read the Terry Brooks books, but Jonathan Rhys-Davies is the king, so there's that.


Dr. Phil