January 10th, 2016



Friday I had a great achievement.

We are just starting to deal with crutches. So I was in the parallel bars. Those who've been studying for the quiz later, know that I'm putting too much weight on my left hand. Basically still trying to balance on two legs, when I have but one leg to stand on.

Been trying to lean to the right. It works a bit with the walker. And quite well with the grab bars in the shower room. But there's not enough room in the parallel bars.

But Friday I managed to get my foot closer to the center of mass. Not only could I release my left hand, I released my right hand as well. Look, Ma, no hands! I am balancing on one foot.

And... then there was this sharp pain.


Near as I could tell, I must've been using my stump for balance. And I strained my left hamstring, probably. Sort of a ballistic pull -- made worse because I'm missing mass right now. Too much muscle for too little leg.

This is the same muscle that gets strained in the wheelchair when the stump is up on the amp sling for a long time. The silver lining is that swinging the amp sling aside allows me to sit up in the wheelchair better, as I am trying to go to the dining room for lunch and dinner.

So... it's been annoying on and off. Felt better Sunday night... until it took half an hour to get someone to get me off a bedpan... Ow.

On the other hand, I hopped fifteen feet today.


Speaking of Ow, a few teams have had to learn the lesson of playing the whole game. Pittsburgh over Cincinnati... at the last moment. The Chiefs started a game with a 106 yard return... The Vikings... wide left. Should've had an advantage of -6°F, except they don't like playing outdoors. And Washington was celebrating like they'd won, when the got a 5-0 lead. Green Bay beat 'em up.

On to next week!

Dr. Phil