January 13th, 2016



A very long day.

I was awake in time for an early breakfast tray, but when the therapy schedule came in, OT was at 1, not 8:30. No early tray for me.

PT at 10. I came up yesterday with the idea of using the hallway railings to hold with one hand and try crutch in other. Switched sides. Planned on going to stand with two crutches tomorrow. As long as we were in the hallway, yesterday I hopped twenty-some feet, including a corner.

Was going to repeat today, but I thought I felt the Kiwi swinging against my stump. Sure enough, it was loose a bit... And then it slipped off and took the bandage with it. Guess it's been two weeks on Kiwi #3, possibly time for a new cast?

When I got upstairs, the Wound nurse was making her Wednesday rounds, so they got to see the bare stump and wrap it up. With today's busy day, I was going to go back to bed... but OT wanted to see me for a bit, and then the podiatrist came by and I finally got my toenails trimmed. Lord they looked gnarly, at least a quarter inch too long. Mrs. Dr. Phil arrived. After clipping, he used a Dremel Motor Tool to clean up.

Lunch. They forgot my second sandwich for lunch.

1pm care meeting. Sort of annoyed with one guy. Kept going round and round. STILL wasn't in bed at 1:45, expecting the ambulance crew at 1:45. Stayed in clothes, but able to pee, and lay down just in time to transfer to gurney.

Surgeon appointment to look at stump. There was a GVSU nursing student doing a ride along with LIFE Ambulance. I invited her to my appointment.

Finally back in bed.

Long day.

Skype troubles with audio talking to Mrs. Dr. Phil.

$1.5 billion Powerball drawing -- don't think we had a ticket.

Three days of snow, especially in Allendale.

Long, long day.


Dr. Phil