January 15th, 2016



Ooh, it's Curling Night In America. Forgot that NBCSN does this on Friday nights.

USA mixed doubles team killing Japan 11-3 in the 6th end.

Spent Friday evening watching White House Down on FX. Hadn't seen it before. Totally improbable, but fun. I'm sure there are breakable plate glass windows in the White House... (grin) And all the security systems seem to be single point failures.


Two days of temps in the high 30s, maybe even 40°F. Some rain. At 5:30, a lot of the snow by the hospital was gone. Forecast is for cold cold and snow on and off. Hoping for minimal ice, though the driveway might be a rutted mess.


A nice raspberry towards the guy I was annoyed at the other day. After complaining about lack of OT progress, I managed to get on and off a toilet today.

This was a proof of concept run. Went back to the near shower room and the right-hand railing. Previously I couldn't stand there because the bar ended too soon. No problem now. Transfer left hand to single point cane, pivot CCW and I'm up against the seat -- and take it. 19" height, home is I think 17½", so we have some work to do.

In PT I said I wanted to practice getting up from wheelchair pushing off with left hand, not the right. Worked. More crutch work. Had a few minutes of hopping with the walker.

Go me.


Final.score was 11-4, game conceded at the end of the 7th end. In doubles they only get six stones, not eight, but only throw five. So it's a fast game. Next broadcast is in two weeks. USA women versus China.


Dr. Phil