January 23rd, 2016


East Coast

Saturday afternoon, and it's blue sky. Temp is supposed to be 30°F outside... I wouldn't know.

It's my day off from therapy, though I did wheel myself to/fro the dining room for lunch.

Winter Storm Jonas, however, is making a hash of things elsewhere. Started in Arkansas, buried Tennessee and Kentucky. Invaded the Carolinas, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland. Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia... New York...

Funny thing was Thursday evening, D.C. was planning for two feet of snow at the weekend and missed the one inch for rush hour. Sliding everywhere.

4400+ flights cancelled. Huge pileup on various Interstates. Several places where motorists are stranded -- though what the hell they're doing on I-75 or the Pennsylvania Turnpike in a blizzard, I'll never know.

A report I saw from Philadelphia said the two feet was fluff. Video of a wide avenue being plowed by two plows was interesting -- usually the plow lines aren't that clean, especially with that big a cut. But it was like gone. Then the second plow at speed did a similar cut. Clean. Amazing.

The shelves of store were cleaned by locusts yesterday, as people at the last minute tried to stock up. One man was shown leaving a grocery store only with chips and popcorn. Which he bought so he could buy something. Unbelievable -- and normal.

Stay safe. Stay home.

Dr. Phil

Le Lune

From my bed right now, after dinner, there's a full moon. Or pretty damn close to full, so I checked my Moon Phase app on the Kindle Fire HD and it read 100%.

There's a faint glow around the moon. Could be the window, but the red lights on a nearby radio tower are bright and clear, so there's some haze. A few striations in the glow, suggesting layers or wispy thin clouds. Then a thick nearly vertical line lit up -- a spreading out contrail. This is flyover country, after all. Probably not from the East Coast tonight. (grin)

I took a picture with the Kindle. It won't be very good, but I'll put it on Facebook anyway.

So... it's been a lunar month since the Christmas super moon. Huh.

I got here the day before Thanksgiving. So really, it's only been two months. It seems at times so much longer.

Still, sometimes I worry about how long it will take to get me home. But then I realize I do something more every time.

Today, for instance, on my day off from therapy, I pushed my wheelchair 1½ trips to/from the dining room. And after a meal, I needed min assist to stand up from the wheelchair to get back into bed. But the last couple of days I've gutted it out on my own. Stronger versus all that blood rushing to my stomach. (grin)

Life, like the moon, goes on...

Dr. Phil