January 24th, 2016


Stupor Bowl

NFL playoffs are so weird. Two games today, but the first doesn't start until 3:05pm EST. The second trickles into most of prime time.

I don't like Denver most times, not since John Elway. Well, the Patriots played to the end. It was 12-20 under a minute. But despite scoring a touchdown, their attempt to go for two and tie the game failed.

New England - 18
Denver - 20

The game in Charlotte NC was never close.

Arizona - 15
Carolina - 49

Of course, Fox is pulling a CBS. No way can the revived X-Files start at 9pm when the game goes on after 10... 10:30? Had debated not watching the premiere. But I did. Will probably tune in Monday at 8 to see the second hour.


Managed to hop backwards a little bit today. Progress...

Dr. Phil