January 25th, 2016



The X-Files reboot is definitely for the fans. We know the people. We know the ARV. We know the black oil. We know cancer man. And that's in the first hour and a half. Now, is there a plot or are they just messing with us again?

War and Peace. Never read it. Saw parts of the Henry Fonda movie, but came in the middle of it. This new version, simulcast on History/A&E/Lifetime, is certainly pretty. Mondays, 9-11pm. Ah, ballroom dancing with the man's one gloved hand behind his back. So elegant. So upper upper class.

Also was amused to see the first episode of Lucifer on Fox, because he was so charming in the ads. Look, if the author Castle can ride along with a homicide detective, why not the Devil? Who has decided to see a therapist at the end. Very pretty and charming. Monday, 9pm.


Some nice hops backward today. Got up with a crutch and an assist. Managed to turn a crutch around from getting up to under the arm. This would be so much easier with another leg. (grin)


Dr. Phil