February 3rd, 2016


__ 0 __ Days Since Last Accident

Well, I fell in the hallway during PT today. I was doing a left hand transfer to a crutch and missed it -- and no left leg to support me. Dammit.

I think the kiwi brace hit the floor, but since the bottom is curved, it slid. I ended up on hands and knees. And I panicked. But they had enough people to get me up into the wheelchair. And I was able to shift myself. Do a wheelchair push up to straighten out the rolled up towel in the gap between the cushion and the chair. And a stand up to the walker, so I could straighten the shorts.

They checked the bandage from Monday's surgery -- seemed fine. Then went to the dining room and read until lunch. Ooh, Mac and cheese today. Comfort food.

General consensus is everyone falls with crutches -- better here.

I was working on a longer piece, but Dreamwidth ate it.

So, I'm okay. Will be a little stiff in the morning. But...


Dr. Phil