February 6th, 2016



Later Saturday morning than now, I should have my bandage undone from Monday's surgery. We'll see.

Tuesday was a light day of therapy. Wednesday was my fall, but before that there was yet another discussion about insurance coverage. They are worried that I'll burn through the covered days before I get the prosthetic. I don't think they quite understand I have a good plan, as opposed to Medicaid. Also we're trying to talk to insurance.

Still, the OT supervisor feels that we're at an impasse with occupational therapy until I'm stronger and further along with PT. So they want to switch OT to RT -- Reconstructive Therapy. Can do the same things we're doing in OT at the moment, but RT isn't billable.

Naturally they implemented this suggestion immediately. As in no OT on Thursday and Friday, even though RT can't start until at least Monday.


I did stand on crutches the last two days. And I cut out the Norco Friday morning. So far no pain from the surgery. Norco is like Tylenol and oxycodone -- I certainly felt a little lightheaded when standing and I don't need that right now. So good riddance to the drugs if I don't need them.

The room has been cooler lately. First time I wore a sheet in bed since I got here. 69-70°F.


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