February 8th, 2016



So, Monday. Still only PT scheduled. OT was stopped on Thursday, without warning, and before RT could be scheduled to replace it. Maybe there'll be a scheduling decision tomorrow. Maybe I'll even hear about it.

I've been using my gloves to wheel around a bit. At least that part of OT exercise is covered.

In PT, I asked to be put in the parallel bars. Hopping is one thing, but it's a violent way to get around. Turns out that now I'm strong enough to roll my foot from heel to toe. So I was today more able to move my hands forward, get on my toes and do more of a swing than a hop. Still not the free swinging step back and forth I've seen others do on crutches, but still smoother and longer.

So... rather than try to transfer this to crutches, I proposed we use the hall railing on the left side and the crutch on the right. See if we could reproduce the lean forward and swing from a more stable position than two crutches.

It worked. Well, enough to get two good hops forward, a short one and a stubby attempt. (grin)

But hey, this is the first movement forward on any crutch.

Why at this pace I'll be home by the weekend. Well, heh-heh, not really. Not really.


While reading after dinner, I missed some sort of commotion on the floor. But of course the staff can't talk about it. I kind of got the impression one of the patients threw a hissy fit.

As for the Stupor Bowl commercials, I'd seen there was one with wiener dogs with buns running in the fields. Saw part of it on the CBS news this morning. Heinz ketchup commercial. Guess it was highly rated, too. But as I said, I was mainly on Food Network and only blipped in and out of the game. That way I wouldn't jinx the Jaguars. Alas, didn't work.

Winter is coming. Snow over the next few days. Highs in the teens by the weekend. We'll see.


Dr. Phil