February 9th, 2016


Well I'm Fucked

So we had a care meeting today -- lo and behold there was someone from the insurance company. Hallelujah. First real contact with someone who had some answers.

So there'd been a few things mentioned before -- therapy has mentioned going to an assisted living place or renting an ADA apartment, etc. while waiting for the stump to be ready for a leg. Cutting back on OT already happened, without RT in place.

Now they want to cut back PT, because I'm not making fast enough progress on crutches. Huh? Excuse me, I have to have some way to maneuver without a leg in order to be able to go home. Because you can't wear an artificial leg all the time.

Renting an apartment? Filling it with what? Outpatient PT? Not sure what sounds worse -- that or a lower grade facility. I like this place. I like these people.

But insurance wants to go along with therapy and discharge me tomorrow... Now their meaning of discharge isn't the same as mine. Doesn't mean I'm on the sidewalk in the morning.

No, it means private pay for room and board -- $280/day. Or go elsewhere...

I am still using hand urinals and bedpans. Meds to make sure things go through. But that's not a medical treatment.

I will probably be home one way or another in a few weeks. Whether it's going to be... Well, I have no idea.

Look, I don't know what's going on yet. But I can tell you I hate uncertainty...

Dr. Phil