February 11th, 2016



Hospital time allows me TV time. AMC and TCM have been showing lots of great stuff. Jurassic Park trilogy, Lawrence of Arabia, The Great Escape, A Few Good Men, most recently...

Some are shown multiple times. And I often join them in progress.

Since I don't have a TV guide -- seriously, the online sites suck and TV Guide has always pissed me off -- I am often surprised.

Tonight I hit a movie in the opening credits. Guessed the movie. And was right. I settled back and enjoyed an uncut movie with no commercial interruptions. An old friend I haven't seen in years.

Bullitt (1968)
Turner Classic Movies 11pm

Y'all know this film for two reasons. Steve McQueen. The Car Chase. Or perhaps your pair is Mustang Fastback versus Dodge Charger. But the rest of the cast is superb. Robert Vaughn as the oily Senator. Don Gordon as the jaded Sergeant Delgetti. And don't forget Jacqueline Bissett. Water velocities of six inch pipes... grin.

The Chase runs about ten minutes. The cat and mouse resulting in the Mustang coming over the hill in the rear view mirror. The bad guys buckling their seatbelts before they take off. Yeah there are some continuity issues -- who cares? Wikipedia notes the Charger loses five hubcaps...

There long scenes of nothing or something unfolding -- a taxi going through a car wash, before Steve gets to the cab driver. Wait, is he a young Robert Duvall? Why Yes.

And technology. 1960s style. Pay phones. Rotating drum facsimile machines over phone modems. Nurses still in white hats.

Terrific jazz flute score. And tension building strings in the airport scene. Sirens that go on and on. What a great cinematic masterpiece!

That sure looks like a real surgical team in the OR. I didn't realize they had ABD pads then. At one point, the surgeon asks for a Kelly. Huh. They asked for a Kelly on tonight's Code Black on CBS. Might be a real thing. That's the thing with Bullitt -- stylish and taciturn, it feels far more real than other cop dramas. Lots of waiting.

And is there anything lovelier than an intercontinental blue, white and silver Pan Am 707? But the interiors were of a real plane -- all narrow. Too many movies and TV shows make more spacious sets.

Very, very satisfying movie. This is what cinema should be...


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