February 16th, 2016



A few weeks ago I came to the realization that one thing I was missing here in hospital was things that go crunch. Hell, the potato chips arrive under the dome on the hot plate with the hot food -- and go from limp to soggy. Order lettuce for my sandwich -- almost a crunch. Of course, now that I'm eating in the dining room, I have resumed eating salads. Especially now that I've found the bleu cheese dressing. Not that bleu cheese is crunch, mind you.

Anyway, Mrs. Dr. Phil has been bringing in Ziploc Snack Bags of pretzel nubs and Triscuits. Early on, I'd eat a whole baglet at once. Now I split it over 2 or 3 days. Yay. Crunch.

Today Mrs. Dr. Phil brought some spaghetti she made the other night. O yum. Including the really thin spaghetti. Funny thing, they had spags here the other day, but they didn't use spaghetti, but fettucine. Yum, too.


Did more folding walker in the parallel bars. Two sets of three runs of six feet. Then took it on the road for the last stand, facing across the width of the gym. Was going to feel it out, but ended up going eight feet. Still a little heavy, stompy. But way better than the hopping I was doing a few weeks ago.

May try on a slightly smaller wheelchair next time, too. Trying to make this all real. Net surgeon visit is the 24th, a week from Wednesday.

And oh god, there's another Huntsman movie. Thankfully it's a prequel, so no Twilight of the Snow White. Charlize Theron was the best part of the first movie. So evil...


Dr. Phil