February 19th, 2016


A Foul Primary Season

In the last week or so, we've seen such things...

-- Two candidates going after each other as to whether the other could speak Spanish.

The amusement factor here was having one of the inmates at the hospital venture that neither could speak any Spanish he'd ever heard. In their defense, I pointed out they had Cuban roots, while my friend spoke Brooklyn Puerto Rican Spanish. There are a lot of dialects.

-- Two candidates arguing who has done more for minorities and women.

-- An argument as to whether real feminists and women had to vote for a woman.

Funny, this argument never showed up for Carly Fiorina.

-- Finally, Separation of Church and State has been brought up by the Republicans.

Against the Pope.

While one of the campaigns touts they have 300 pastors endorsing them.

-- Voter suppression is argued for holding the Nevada vote on Shabbat. Again.

As opposed to the elimination of Sunday voting in some multi-day voting, ending a tradition of voting after church.

Welcome to 2016.

I reiterate -- I still don't think we've seen the November candidates.


More of Mrs. Dr. Phil's spags to supplement dinner. Oh yum.

Folding walker in the hallway. Made good headway. Followed PT with independent exercises with hand and an ankle weight. A little soreness on the sides of the right knee -- connected to a tender spot in front. Ah, the patella tendon. We're obviously working it. Make it stronger...


Dr. Phil

UPDATE: For posterity's sake, long after we've forgotten about the endless 2016 primary campaign... the players are:

· Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz
· Bernie Sanders and Hilliary Clinton
· Pope Francis called Donald Trump on his wall building immigration plan, saying Christians build bridges, not walls. The Donald said it was inappropriate to call anyone on their faith and anyway the Pope had been duped by Mexico.
· Ted Cruz had 300 pastors behind him in South Carolina.
· Nevada Caucuses held on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. Apparently not an issue in South Carolina's Republican primary.