February 20th, 2016


Heavy Duty

A few years ago, when I just had the compressed nerve, I bought a cane at Walgreens -- just to help with balance at ConFusion. Amazingly, it also bought instant politeness. Plus I bought a good looking cane.

I've bought a number of them. Changing the rubber tips is a pain, plus I am overloading them.

Today the heavy duty 500 lb rated cane came. Much more secure feeling during a toilet transfer test. I was getting a bad feeling that overloading the old cane felt unsteady and could buckle any time. I was putting a lot of weight from my left hand on the cane.

Alas, we never did the full weight on the new cane test without the assist, because when I got up,the grab bar on the wall shifted on its mount.

This. Is. Not. Good.

A repair order was issued.

I did get outside for a few minutes. Thursday morning the 7:30am temp was 6°F. This morning with was 52°F. Huh.

I am doing reps of 30s in my arm and leg exercises, instead of 20s. A few weeks ago I was doing 10s. Strength is coming. Maybe I was ripping the grab bar out of the wall. No, not really.


Dr. Phil