February 22nd, 2016


I Just Flew In From Los Angeles And Boy Are My Arms Tired

Today we tried the sit to stands from the bedside. But the surface is too soft, even with yoga blocks to push up on. (This is not the bed we did slideboard transfers with a while ago.) Wednesday we'll try sticking a slideboard under my butt to make a firmer surface. Got down to effectively the 19" toilet height here and used the heavy duty cane.

After some wheeling around and a brief visit outside, we worked with the knotted black theraband over door. Ended up doing sets of 50s instead of 40s. Finished up with leg exercises -- 50s there, too.

My arms are definitely tired. Go me. Rah...

Last night I saw another almost full moon rising -- 99.7% -- so I've been here about three lunar months. There are times this seems short and others where it feels like forever. Whatever, I am not merely marking time before Wednesday's appointment with the surgeon. I am making advancements, dammit.

That murderous sonofabitch Uber driving murderer in Kalamazoo picked up at least one Uber fare in the middle of the random killing spree. Last night a WMU student was shot somewhere in the fraternity district. I guess this time the campus alert system did go into effect.


Typically we make a vat of something on Sunday -- anything which takes time to make. Mrs.Dr. Phil had made spaghetti. Now we love leftovers and our spag sauce makes a great lasagna. But usually we eat up the sauce before there's time to make lasagna. Well, with only one person at home, Mrs. Dr. Phil had plenty and made a lasagna on Saturday, before going to a game night. She's been doing a no boil bake, which works well. But putting the uncooked lasagna into the baking dish does tend to make some hard or chewy edges where there isn't enough moisture surrounding the noodles.

But the newspaper last week had a thing about soaking the noodles in salted water before baking. Another source online suggested just hot tap water. She did that and after setting up overnight, the bit we shared on Sunday was scrumptious. Yay, lasagna.

Wednesday's weather may or may not include heavy wet snow. Naturally that's the day to go to the surgeon's.

There were tiny pancakes for breakfast, but they were good. Unlike the biscuits on Sunday that were way over baked. Not really burned, but too crunchy on top and bottom to cut. Not enough syrup to soften. Very find of biscuits and maple syrup as ersatz pancakes. Disappointed yesterday, redeemed today.

Weekends can be a mixed bag for staff. And one of the two main elevators has been Out Of Service since Saturday early... Traffic jams. Mrs. Dr. Phil walked up to the fifth floor on Sunday! Carrying stuff!


Dr. Phil