February 23rd, 2016


Steppin' Up

Today's new trick...

Stepped up onto the little wooden ramp normally used to get up into the parallel bars. It's maybe 4-6" wide and 1½" high. Much like the door jam from the garage to the kitchen at home. I had the therapist place it across the floor of the parallel bars.

See, a comfortable bariatric rated wheelchair won't fit into the door, so I'll need to use the walker to get into the house.

A few weeks ago I wasn't getting much clearance off the floor. But I'm doing better. So I suggested this test in the parallel bars. We'll probably test this with the folding walker on Thursday.

Also worked more on walking on carpet. Also suggested we try walking, stopping, and resuming. After all, there won't always be a therapist following me with a wheelchair. Not quite there yet.

Lovely day. Clear in the afternoon and into watching the full moon rising out my window.

The storm... may not be passing east enough. Snow starts in afternoon. Gusts to 40 mph. Heavy wet snow. Possible white out conditions into evening rush hour.

If Mrs. Dr. Phil decides to abort coming here to ride to the appointment with my surgeon, I'll take my Kindle Fire and we'll try to Skype her in.

She's meeting a contractor tomorrow about things for the house.

Insurance messed up with covering the ambulance to the surgeon's visits. Um, how the fuck am I supposed to get there? Walk eight feet at a time with someone following in the wheelchair?



Dr. Phil