February 24th, 2016


Two Weeks?

The night sky is orange tonight --- filled with falling and blowing snow lit up by sodium lights...

Don't know what the depth is, but we're supposed to be getting an inch an hour with winds through the night. Mrs. Dr. Phil said both neighbors had plowed our driveway tonight.

Today was my surgeon's visit. Revision surgery was on the first. Sutures removed today. Everyone is happy with the revision results.

Can the stump get wet? Yes. Just not soaked. Shower Sunday...

What about... weight bearing?

In two weeks, March 9th, Dr. Fras will check. But he thinks he'll approve it.

Leg? Leg?! Leg!

Otherwise, just a routine visit. Other than the 21st century twist. Mrs. Dr. Phil has been stopping by the hospital and riding along on the ambulance. But with the weather getting shittier as the afternoon progressed, that didn't seem smart.

So I brought the Kindle Fire HD with me and we Skyped her presence. I held the Kindle over my stomach so she could watch the sutures come out and the steristrips being applied. Huh. They come on tape, so you can put like three in a row all perfectly spaced. I did not know that.

Coming out of the Lake office plex, there was a Ford Explorer encased in two inches of wet snow slush, everywhere including the glowing headlights -- except for the pattern from the two wipers. Alas, the Kindle was packed up -- no photo.

EMTs arrived here at 1:45 and I was back here at 3:45. This despite a slow drive on surface streets, rather than the freeway. Interesting radio chatter -- at one point a crew was informed they were the only backup for the city of Grand Rapids. My crew left to see where they could help the chaos.

... Leg?

Two weeks to the start of that process. Back to work in the morning...


Dr. Phil