February 26th, 2016



Well, it finally had to happen. A clear morning, and the rising sun peeked around the brickwork outside my window and shown in my eye before I got up. Lots of mornings it's gray and cloudy, but I've seen the brightening moving to the east and earlier each morning.

Was pretty sure I wouldn't make to the Daylight Saving Time change, which would push back the clock from 7-ish to 8-ish. But that doesn't stop the advance eastward each dawn.

Guess I'll have to put one of my yoga blocks on the one tray table to make a Sun shade. The window shade covers the whole expanse of windows in one fell swoop and I won't have it pulled down and block the rest of the world.


Did reps of 60s with my black theraband exercises in RT. The therapist sat far away for the one exercise, in case the band snapped as I pulled the bands down. (grin)


Dr. Phil


I suppose technically you could say it snowed today.

If this was spring, I'd say outside looked like cottonwood season -- or maybe Mayflies. Large, fluffy loose conglomerates of snow flakes wafting about. You know it's not serious when you watch them going up as much as you see them going down. When you can still see individual clusters out twenty, thirty feet -- it's not really snowing.

And... it's stopped. Hardly had time to get out the Kindle and start a blog post.

This morning someone said, Oh it's snowing. And I saw one... two... three... flake clusters wafting upwards. Yeah, it wasn't snowing. It was flaking.

I also saw one goose flying along. I don't call that a flock, either.

Had a very pleasant visit with Mrs. Dr. Phil this afternoon, who brought another small container of the excellent lasagna, along with a small bottle of Simply Limeade, as she's been doing. Looked at funnies, talked about the online class she's teaching. Gray, but no threatening weather. Roads dry.

I guess that yesterday's storm was part of Winter Storm Petros.*** We really didn't get much snow, but the winds made a mess of things. I've not been recording these snow (non) events to say how terrible it's been. Rather to document.

Also I worry. Even if I were out and about, I'd be worried about the idiot drivers. In the U.P. they used to say that by Christmas the idiots will have all wrecked their cars and be off the road, while the snowbanks would be high enough to cushion your slideoffs. Alas, this winter we haven't had much snow. It's the end of February, and everyone thinks they're back in snow driving form. They aren't.

And this year, Mrs. Dr. Phil is on her own.

Ironic that I was going to take this semester off this year, as I did last year, but they asked me to teach Modern Physics, PHYS-3090, which I haven't taught in what... 14 years? And THIS winter would've been the one to navigate with my walker?

Damn. (grin)

I still hope to teach in the Fall. Unless I can't negotiate with a prosthetic. And I am not anticipating that.


Oh, and I mentioned doing sets of 60s in my exercises this morning. Actually, the hardest one I did a set of 70. My RT therapist says I'll feel that in the morning. (double-grin)


Dr. Phil

*** Have I mentioned that Weather Channel is stupid? In their graphics, WINTER STORM is in white against a dark blue background. PETROS or whatever storm name is in red. It's not high contrast, and on these TVs which aren't set right for HDTV on all channels, it's too fuzzy to read. And this year they hardly ever mention the storm name aloud. Dumb infographic.