February 27th, 2016



(1) Stepped up the little 1½" ramp in the parallel bars. Both the ramp side AND the step-up side. Do this with the walker and I can get into the house.

(2) Did a 180 in the parallel bars. That means that next I can walk the six feet of the bars, turnaround and keep walking. Endurance.

(3) First time I ever stopped and stood -- briefly -- in the lightweight walker and then resumed taking steps. Need to work on this. Standing on one leg requires effort and wears the leg out same as walking. And I won't be able to sit and rest at random intervals.

(4) I thought there were four new things I accomplished in PT this morning, but can't think of the other. So I'll use this block to whine about not getting enough sit to stands or standing endurance with the reduced therapy schedules. I could do these as part of my free exercise time, but I was absolute clearance from people. We're working on a lot of different things and you can only accomplish so much in an hour.

On the plus side, during Mrs. Dr. Phil's visit yesterday, we measured the one chair in the room as in the 17-something inch range. There's also these low benches in the front lobby that we should check out. Needed for low sit to stand heights for life at the home toilet...


Beautiful day today. The heavy snow is gone from the trees. Much of the snow has melted on the grass. Tomorrow will be in the fifties, with maybe some rain. Sunny Monday and Tuesday. Then another round of snow to start March.


Dr. Phil