March 9th, 2016


113 / 3

It hit the low 70s in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Holland on Tuesday. First time since 5 November 2015 -- 113 days ago.

It's warm and stuffy in here. 74°F, which isn't hot like it was in December, but I've turned on my little battery powered fan.

Needed a blood draw today. The order came in too late for the morning vampires, so my nurse came in. We joked and then she poked -- easy -- and nuthin. Well, actually bled after the needle was pulled out. She only pokes once, rather than stabby-stabby. So another nurse came by. Her first poke got some blood, the second finished the job.

Sigh. I've gotten good with blood draws the last couple of years. But I'd stick first in the crook of the elbow crease -- which was never touched.

Now... to be fair. I'm not ragging on nurses. These were veterans, but they don't have to do blood draws often. My only point was it took 3 sticks.

And your day?

Dr. Phil