March 10th, 2016



Warm, rainy day. Humidity is up so the foam cups of ice water we live on have condensation.

There are some guardrails at the front entrance, sturdy enough to use for sit to stands outdoors during RT. Sat down on the 17½" mat table for the first time in the gym -- this is home toilet height. Had assist on the gait belt to stand up. It seems so far down, but then there's no supporting rails or handrails to get up with. We'll do more.

After lunch schedule was tight. Lay down to pee and bedpan, then back up in chair. Wheelchair ambulance brought their own chair that fits their ramp, unlike mine. Used the stable hallway railing to stand while wheelchairs swapped, including my seat cushion. Success!

Appointment with my surgeon, Dr. Fras, went exceedingly well. I am cleared for limited weightbearing and my next appointment is in FIVE weeks.

Unlike the regular ambulance crews which wait for you, the wheelchair ambulance leaves and the office calls for return trip. Came swiftly.

Excitement at top of ramp from I-196 to Fuller Avenue. To our left, the freeway overpass was blocked southbound by two Grand Rapids police SUVs. In between two officers were wrestling with some guy with a backpack. He was swinging arms and legs, kicking and punching the cops, at one point lifted off him feet by the cop behind him. Most definitely resisting arrest.

We didn't turn north towards the hospital, because there was a rapidly approaching siren. Michigan State Police car came to a stop right in front of the fight and a tall state policeman in impeccably straight and pressed blue uniform, leapt out. By now the man was struggling on the ground. The state cop knelt on the guy's shoulders and cuffed the man.

Incident over. By the time I was out of the van, an ambulance was arriving. Our driver speculated the guy might be going off in restraints for evaluation. Who knows?

But I am cleared for the first stage of prosthetics!


Dr. Phil