March 15th, 2016


24... 26...

Yesterday it rained some, which is important because the contractor we're working with couldn't work outside, so they built an extension to the landing outside our back door into the garage. It's fantastic. They even reused the old railing, extending and reinforcing it so there's a nice railing before you fall to the floor of the garage. We ended up choosing this extension so the hydraulic lift will all be on one of the two slabs of concrete in the garage -- and between the two vehicles.

Last week, during Spring Break, Mrs. Dr. Phil had done a heroic job of cleaning out the cardboard recycling and the detritus of twenty years that had lived in front of the Bravada. With it cleared out, the space was easy to measure and then draw lines on photographs. I'll post those someday. Some of the old treasures were put by the side of the road with a Free Stuff sign -- and miraculously disappeared. One of our neighbors, wanting to help, added some of the trash to their garbage, as they have the unlimited contract instead of the by-the-prepaid bag we use. They have four sons, so go figure... (grin)

In my meager three days of PT a week, we've been concentrating on starting and stopping and restarting with the folding walker, side and back steps. Today we went for distance. My previous best was 22 steps, once done on the floor and one on carpet. I think one had a restart.

Today we did all carpet, and at the end I took off and had runs of 24 and 26 steps. These weren't just steps, but some distance covered all session. We've been concentrating on rolling the foot heel and toe, but having gotten that -- I'm not sure I can do the flat footed stomp anymore -- on these last two runs I just got the forward lean on the walker right and took off.

Yay me. Progress.

After lunch I got an aide to take me outside in the breeze and sunshine. Nice.

I shall break out of this place...


Dr. Phil