March 24th, 2016


60 / 150 / 2:30

We've been getting the back edge of Winter Storm Selene. But West Michigan is right along a boundary line. Ice then snow north of I-96. Rain south to Indiana. High today of 60°F by the border, 40s here, 30s north. It's rained enough that looking down at the grass in the back garden, there's some ponding. Green Bay got snow. The northernmost part of the Lower Peninsula is getting 12-15" of snow. Welcome to Great Lakes spring...

Tuesday in PT we went back to the regular corridors, having concentrated on carpet for a couple of weeks. My previous record number of steps on a single stand was 26. I had runs including 19, 26, 24, 26. Finally eked out a 27. Go me. All told we had gone 47', so we measured another 13' to make it sixty feet and achieved it.

Definitely go me.

Yesterday in RT, we were able to spend some time outdoors. Melissa is always egging me on to bigger numbers of reps. I'm up to 100 (100+1 or 105+1 depending on the exercise). So she said 150. While Melissa and Autumn chatted, I went through three exercises with the hand weights, three sets of fifty each. Or 150 x 3. So th-bbbt! (grin)

Today in PT I didn't have the stamina of Tuesday. But... I did make a total of 45 feet in the hallway. And I got to talk about helium and nitrogen and liquefied air and the Liedenfrost Effect, etc. during the breaks. So it was a good day.

Also had to talk legs. I get my leg tomorrow. So Saturday's PT will be an evaluation and then I should be put back on the clock for full therapy. The first few days will be just having the leg on for a couple of hours -- whether sitting, standing or even first steps. Probably will stay with RT until I can do sufficient stuff to warrant turning OT back on, too. But Dave thinks I'll be back on the insurance clock on Saturday.

Man, I do hope this goes as smoothly as I think it can... but I know it will be weird at first, too.

I was going to write and post this last night. But I must've drifted off sometime after midnight. I woke up, my light and TV were still on, and still had my reading glasses on. Was sure the clock said 6:10am. But that meant I was way behind with water and hadn't charged my Kindle. So I checked the Kindle, which had gotten a partial charge in the evening. It read 91%. It also said the time was 2:30, not 6:10.


It was hot on five in the middle of the night. My ice water melted too fast. But I slept.

So onward, as the rest of Selene passes by. Sun tomorrow as we ride off to see a man about a leg.

Dr. Phil