March 29th, 2016


Fast Track

The biggest scare of Friday's scar splitting has been how do we keep that from happening again? Well, it sounds like there are products which are designed to prevent sheer forces on skin. Wish this had been brought up earlier. My skin, especially on my lower legs, is known to be weak. Oh well.

Today, Tuesday, we went out to see my orthopedic surgeon. He liked what he saw. Gave order for the nurses here to pull out the stitches next week.

Tom from Hanger and Dr. Fras have talked. Potentially, I might have the leg soon, if they can keep the lower stump skin from being stretched. Maybe next Friday?

So, it could be as few as two weeks of additional $280/day, which is less frightening than just unknown.

The wheelchair ambulance ride back to Fuller was the first with a sidedoor lift and not a rear door. This faces out, not in. A little nervewracking.

Beautiful weather today, but deteriorating as week advances.

The wheelchair lift should be installed on Thursday. In theory, than at least gets me in the door, though not quite ready to go home yet. Closer...


Dr. Phil