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An Extra Day

What A Difference

Last night was the first in this cold where I managed to sleep a whole four hours in one swath. Went to bed around 2 and woke up a few minutes after 6, just in time to take another round of Sudafed, etc. Then back to sleep a couple more hours.

Yesterday I'd reached the stage where one was blowing one's nose and hacking up coughs just short of expelling bits of gray matter and pink lung tissue respectively. By last night I was exhausted due to the coughing. This morning I had to work harder to blow my nose to get out some of the thick residues left and my sides hurt. (wry-grin) But... we are definitely on the downslope of this cold and I am very grateful to have had the extra sick day, as much as I begrudge not being there for my students.

This Fan Blows

Part of the weekend plan was to take the 1996 Blazer to Chevy on Monday and see if the heater blower fan needed replacing after it failed to start twice in the near-zero weather and had to be "shocked" into running by slamming the hood. Having Monday off was a bonus for car repair -- not exactly what was meant by observing MLK Day, but practical in terms of not missing classes. Normally I'd just camp out in the little business center at Chevy, but not with this cold. We did managed to drop off the Blazer and pick up again, and yes the blower fan had to be replaced.

But I am glad I didn't have to do the long commute yesterday or today.

Back To The Grind

Things should be more back to normal by tomorrow. Over the last fifteen years or so, I've ended up spending a lot of these sinus and cold runs sleeping not in bed but sitting up in the living room recliner. Otherwise things slide around in these crummy sinuses and make things uncomfortable to the point where sleep is impossible. I may try to take a nap today and lie down -- because lying down would be so comfy if I just could. (sigh)

Dr. Phil

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