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Cryptic ConFusion In Pictures

A Weekend In A Few Pictures

I didn't take many pictures at ConFusion this weekend, and some of what I shot I really was out of flash range and the pics are no good. (grin) But I thought I'd share a few.

Mass Author Signing - Saturday 5pm Salon E

Some people had a table, and some didn't (at first), but Toby Buckell gamely signs books at the "virtual signing table".

Melodie Barker had both table and books. Dr. Phil and Al Bogdan, didn't have books since the Writers of the Future Vol. XXIV is still not out in general release. But Al gave out one copy, which we both signed, and I signed two of my business cards -- and had the laptop do a slide show of WOTF XXIV pictures.

Steampunk Costumes

A new judging category for the Mascarade brought in many fabulous, in both fashion and fantasy meanings, Steampunk costumes

Um, did I mention many of the Steampunk fashions included fantastic pistols and other arms?

Drinks Coffee With Cory Doctorow - Saturday 7pm Conceirge Lounge

That thing about Cory Doctorow's hot air balloon shown in XKCD comics? That's all Randall from XKCD -- Cory's not sure what it means. And then we learned about the complexities of U.S. visas. Yikes!

The Stepsister Scheme Book Launch - Sunday 11am Salon E

Jim C. Hines channeling Jim Kirk's recitation of "E Pleb Nista"?

The secret to creating more SF/F fans is to start them young.

There were major battles of fliers between two candidates for ConFusion Princess, but the candidate fielded by the famous ConFusion Pirates ran a clean campaign -- how could I resist voting for a Pirate for ConFusion Princess? Ar-rrh!

Details another time. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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