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It's A Town Because The USPS Says It Is

My Wife's New Hero Is...

... the United States Postal Service. We both heard the bit on NPR's Marketplace about the USPS setting up shop in the Houston Astrodome to handle the refugee mail there.

Reliant City...

... is what the residents are calling it, but you can address it as the Astrodome or whatever, because it now has a US Zip Code -- 77230. The north ticket office has been turned into a postal substation, where the residents can buy stamps, get change of address forms and receive their mail, including FEMA and Social Security checks. The USPS is even giving the residents postcards so they can write to family members and let them know they're all right.

Last week the news on campus was the spreadsheet of zip codes where mail was being held. Now they're dealing with redistribution. And, the Marketplace reporter asked, what happens if some of these people are relocated again? Answer: we can handle as many change of addresses as get filed. It's an IT problem and we have a solution for it.

(As opposed to say FEMA, whose online registration website for help is hardcoded for Internet Explorer only -- a requirement which stymies many relief groups who don't want to set up Windows XP machines in self-serve kiosks.)


Here's a government operation which in a week has figured out how to deal with part of the problems caused by Miss Katrina's hissy fit. A government unit that was, I hesitate to add, not merged into the bureaucratic dumping ground of the Department of Homeland Security. (I'm not sure I've ever typed that name out fully -- it always struck me as too 1940s-1950s creepy.)

Dr. Phil

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