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Failing At The Internets

Re: Today's news about Realms of Fantasy. It's been a while since I've had occasion to visit the RoF homepage, but you know?

27 January 2009 Tuesday 22:30 EST

Dear Realms of Fantasy fans:

We apologize for our extremely outdated site. The magazine is still going strong and is better than ever. We are working on a new and much improved design for the website and hope to have it up and running this summer. In the meantime, the Forums are still operational and you can still access the Subscription and Guidelines areas. Please be patient—we know you are going to love the new site!

Issue: August 2006
Inside this issue

Look, Even My Website Is Currently Out Of Date...

... but I'm a one person operation, and sorry, but my classes and my writing come first. (grin)

BUT, in 2009, couldn't they at least find some fanboy intern who keep the pages even somewhat up to date? This irks me, because it's not fair to the authors.

It's as bad as if a major anthology still hasn't gotten around to doing a major print run even though the book was launched way back on 15 August 2008. Seriously.

Dr. Phil
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