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Country Is Angry

NPR, PBS, Merlot, James Taylor, Judi Dench, Gary Trudeau...

There's a good chance that a lot of the small number of readers of this blog are, to some people, a bunch of elite liberals. Or at least SF/F/H writers and readers. (grin) But I think you might concede not a natural fan base of country music.

So I thought I'd tell you of something brewing locally in country music, which I think is going to come as a surprise to some people.

Capturing The Anger

There's a new country song called Shutin Down Detroit. The refrain: “In the real world, they’re shuttin’ Detroit down/While the boss man takes his bonus and jets on out of town.”

This Week In America

The song came out on Tuesday. Also we heard of $18B in bonuses by Merill-Lynch paid before Bank of America bought M-L with bailout money -- and some M-L employees are bitching about the size of their bonuses, in a year when M-L lost about as much as Exxon-Mobil announced in profits. Which was $45B. Scalped from Americans when they unnecessarily paid $4+ per gallon gasoline. And the Republicans didn't find any votes for a Stimulus bill, because only tax cuts can create jobs -- and we know how well that works.

I tell you, there are a whole lotta pissed off people in the country and I don't think some in business or politics have a clue.

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