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Anniversaries in Internet Time

Thursday I got a notice that LiveJournal is 10 years old. So, was this news on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday? Nope, they noted that Facebook had turned 5 years old. Well isn't that special?

Actually, that LJ started in 1999 and Facebook in 2004 is kind of interesting. I'm not sure when I started running into LiveJournal entries while running web searches. But it was slithytove's reporting from the 2004 Clarion workshop -- I learned a lot about what was going on at Clarion and I was there and my room was across the hall from John's! -- that got me reading blogs and then in 2005 I started this LJ.

I avoided Facebook for the longest time, especially because you had to sign up to use it -- no, try it before you buy it. But then Mrs. Dr. Phil got involved and I decided to set up a Facebook group for my Physics classes. Though I've only had about 3 questions so far, I feel better for having an easily accessible place to interact -- the class webpage is terribly important to the class, but it pumps info only one-way.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Ol' LJ and newcomer Facebook.

Dr. Phil
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